The 2021 FLAG-In-Schools Coach of the Year

The Grand Prize Winner of the 2021 NFL FLAG-In-Schools Coach of the Year Award goes to...

Coach Catherine Caven

from Hargill Elementary in Hargill, Texas

Coach Caven has been working in Hargill Elementary School for over 20 years. She goes off the clock to make sure kids have rides for games; if not, she picks them up. Coach pays for entry fees so that the kids can join the team if they can’t afford it. She loves these kids and she does anything she can for them. She pays everything out her pocket without asking for any help at all from parents.

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Honorable Mentions


Cedric Collins
Vista Grande High School, Arizona


Andrew Downing
Eben Hopson Middle School, Alaska


Jerase Perkins
Rowland Elementary School, Georgia



Megan Schmidt
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, Kansas